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YMCA, Youth Leadership and Service Learning

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YMCA, Youth Leadership and Service Learning

Post  Contois001 on Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:10 pm

The World Service has been impacting millions of people around the world through funding programs which are designed to help people learn, grow and thrive. The World Service funded programs encourage the youth by providing them skills, knowledge and resources.
Youth leadership and service learning is one of the world service funded programs. A community’s strength greatly depends on its young people. Hence investing in young people critically affects the community’s strength. The world is driven by the creativity, values and energy of the youth of the community. The YMCA helps young people to become healthy, caring and self-reliant adults by providing them with support and experiences they need through Youth Leadership programs. This helps them to develop a strong sense of responsibility and compassion and an understanding of the strength of one’s role in a democratic society. The service learning opportunities in the YMCAs around the world help to tap the potential of youth and empower them to define, build and deliver their own solutions to social issues. Young people are involved in community development initiatives such as peer-to-peer HIV prevention education, environmental conservation or the renovation of community parks and other safe spaces through YMCA service-learning.
Recreation, Camping and Arts are used by YMCAs around the world to promote physical, mental, social and spiritual development for young people and families. These programs help people develop leadership skills, self-confidence, multicultural understanding and a respect for diversity in areas affected by social and economic challenges.
The President and CEO of Victron Energy, ali sharaf, feels that one can contribute a lot to the society by funding such institutions.


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