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AHMC Work History

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AHMC Work History

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Nov. 12, 2006 – present A.H. MANCILLA CONSTRUCTION
Construction Manager / Head, Safety Department (November 2006 - present)


 Reports directly to the President.
 Updates the President of the situation of every project on site.
 Attends seminars and trainings for the continuous growth of the company.
 Prepares all plans, designs & specifications of every mechanical/civil work project.
 In charge in supervising all the materials take-off of every project.
 Represent the company in various meetings with clients.
 Attends preliminary bidding conferences.
 Attends and represent in various construction meeting with clients.
 In charge in reviewing all project proposals (civil and mechanical works).
 In charge in the monitoring of project expenses.
 Conduct safety meetings (tool box meetings) for every project.
 In charge in the procurement of safety equipments.
 In charge in supervising the workers for proper usage of PPE’s and conduct
seminar for re-orientation of Safety Working Habits of all personnel and employees.


 Construction of Load Bank Roofing at APC Cavite 1.
 Renovation of Canteen at APC Cavite 3.
 Construction of Staging Area at APC Cavite 2.
 Construction of Scissor Lift Pit (2 Units) at APC Cavite 2.
 Construction of Roofing Extension (Staging Area) at APC Cavite 3.
 Construction of QA Reliability Room at APC Admin.
 Renovation of Electrical Room at APC Cavite Plant 2.
 Renovation of Residential Building at Pasong Buwaya II, Imus, Cavite.
 Construction of Catwalk platform at APC Central Warehouse.
 Renovation of Facilities Office at APC Cavite 2.
 Installation of Airline for Stallion Line at APC Cavite 2.
 Installation of Airline for Silcon Building Production Line at APC Cavite 2.
 Renovation of City Best Dental Clinic at SM Centerpoint.
 Renovation of Genset Room at APC Cavite Plant 1.
 Renovation of Guard House #2 at APC Cavite Plant 2.
 Rehabilitation of Drainage System of APC Cavite Plant 2.
 Construction of additional Loading Bay 6.0m x 24.0m at APC Cavite Plant 1.
 Construction of QUAL Storage Room at APC Admin Plant.
 Installation of PDC Airline at APC Cavite Plant 3.
 Concrete Flooring Repair at TransNational Logistics Inc.
 Fabrication of 12 Units Bleacher Bench for APC Cavite Plant 2 Covered Court.
 Installation of Electronic Scoreboard for APC Cavite Plant 2 Covered Court.
 Realignment of Cable Trays and Reorientation of High Bay Lamp at TLI.
 Installation of Additional Sampling Port for Genset Emission Testing.
 Installation of Exhaust System for Wave Machine at APC Cavite Plant 2.
 Construction of LTO Pasay Roof and Parapet Framing.
 Construction of FPS Valve Access Ladder at APC Cavite Plant 1.
 Fabrication and Installation of FPS Sprinkler Head Support Guard at APC
Central Warehouse.
 Repair of Driveway at TLI Plant 2.
 Installation of Roll Up Doors 3.5m x 5.50m at APC Cavite Plant 2 Staging Area.
 Construction of Air Receiver Tank Room at APC RMA.
 Fabrication and Installation of Steel Fence for Electrical Room at APC RMA.
 Construction of Steel Fence and Barricade at Chemical Storage Room at
 At APC Cavite Plant 1.
 Scissor Lift Pit Waterproofing at APC Cavite Pant 2.
 Installation of High Bay Lamps and Emergency Exit Signs at Gabriel Warehouse.
 Design and Construct of Perimeter Fence at Tanza, Cavite.
 Repainting of Interior Wall of Silcon Building and Building 2 at APC Cavite Plant 2.
 Repainting of Exterior Wall of APC Admin Plant.
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